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about us

We are a family driven company who excels in giving your loved one the utmost care and comfort. At St. Michaels Home Care Services, we are dedicated to empowering seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle within the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. We believe that every senior deserves to be treated with the dignity, respect, and compassion.


Meet the Team


Mitch Collins

With a diverse and robust academic background hailing from Cebu, Philippines, Mitch Collins holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN, RN), a Bachelor of Science in Optometry, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology, complemented by a year-long course in Psychology. Mitch’s multidisciplinary education has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare, allowing her to address the multifaceted needs of her clients through a blend of clinical expertise and empathetic care. Additionally, she has completed various specialized courses in Client Care and Home Care Services, enhancing her ability to provide tailored and compassionate services. Together with her husband, they form a dedicated team at St. Michaels Home Care, working towards the common goal of empowering clients by delivering services that are not only person-centered and of the highest quality but also foster an environment of trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Their collective endeavors are driven by a shared passion for making a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve, continuously seeking opportunities for learning and growth to remain at the forefront of healthcare innovations and best practices.


Matthew Collins

After a distinguished 29-year career in
Federal law enforcement, and earning a Master of Public Administration degree from Cal State Long beach, Matthew Collins transitioned his dedication to service and integrity into the healthcare sector. 

As the owner and managing partner of St. Michaels Home Care Services. Infusing the company with his commitment to excellence, Matthen cultivated an environment that prioritizes compassionate and high-quality care.


Matthew’s leadership is characterized by a blend of professionalism and human touch, ensuring that St. Michaels not only meets the diverse needs of its clients but also fosters genuine connections. His vision for the company is grounded in respect, dignity, and personalized care, reflecting his belief that every senior deserves to age with grace and independence.


Drawing from his extensive experience in public service, Matthew has successfully instilled a sense of responsibility and empathy within the team, making St. Michaels a beacon of trust and reliability in home care. Under his stewardship, the company continues to thrive, embodying a harmonious balance of family-driven values and professional excellence.


View Gallery

Step into the heart of Saint Michaels, where our gallery is a testament to the compassionate care we provide. Through these images, we invite you to experience the essence of our mission, where every photograph captures the genuine smiles of our clients, the tender moments shared with our dedicated caregivers, and the close-knit bonds forming within our community. Our signature touch is not just a phrase but a promise, reflecting the personalized, human-centric care that defines our services. These images convey the warmth, compassion, and professionalism that Saint Michaels embodies, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional care to your loved ones. In every frame, you'll find the embodiment of our dedication to making lives better, one image at a time.

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